Previous HDCaml Updates

See main page for a general description.


The first modification deals with better error messages during specification of the circuit. It consists of 2 files:
HDCaml is licensed under the GNU LGPL
There is also the ocamldoc-generated HTML file for the module "Design". (Links within file aren't working.)

Installation Instructions

Overwrite the files of the official distribution (e.g. in directory "hdcaml-0.2.9/src") with the two files above and issue the commands:
make clean
make install
make doc
in the directory "hdcaml-0.2.9".

You can find more information about this modifications at the release page of the HDCaml wiki.


The second modification completes the OCaml simulation code (multiplications were missing) and also corrects a couple of errors. It consists of the single file
Install this update by overwriting of HDCaml 0.2.9 like described above.